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Love To Hate Game


Warning: this game may stoke divisions!

Play Love to Hate and you'll find out just how well you actually know your friends and family. And the player who knows the others the best wins!

On a scale from Love to Hate, can you guess what your father thinks about pineapple on pizza or clowns? How about your sister's feelings about being tickled? Or what does your mom think of ABBA? Find out in this hilarious party game filled with highly divisive subject cards!

Players take turns picking a card while the others guess how that player feels about it using voting cards. Featuring topics and themes including pop culture, pet peeves, and people and with the feelings ranging from 'Love' and 'Like' to 'Ehhh', 'Nope,' and 'Hate', each round will sure to be a conversation starter!

Perfect to play with family or a group of friends, the game is suitable for ages 8 and up.
3 to 8 players and has an average 20 minutes gameplay.