Grandpa Joe's Candy

Ass Kickin' Jelly Beans

$9.31 $10.95

Ass Kickin’s combination of ingredients delivers a hot candy and flavor unprecedented to spicy jellybeans.

This isn’t about bringing you the one of the hottest jellybeans on the planet. Instead, Ass Kickin’s spicy jelly beans candy is the perfect balance between flavorful and very hot. Get ready to explore the hot and spicy candy with these habanero jelly beans. Makes a unique gourmet gift for parties, game-time snacks, and excellent party toppers for cakes and desserts.

Bite-size, colorful chewy candies in a bag perfect for an easter candy or fiery snack on the go. If you like jellybeans and love some spicy heat, then this is your new go-to candy. Whether you’re looking for hot pepper candy personalized gifts for the spicy food lovers in your life or you’re just looking for delicious jelly beans with heat, this will sure be a hit!

For a challenge jelly beans style, easter candy, halloween or to surprise your freinds with hot candy dishes. These jelly beans in accompanied with habanero pepper flavors are a delicious and colorful addition to any home.