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Happy Birthday Chicago!

Happy Birthday Chicago!

Chicago is know for a lot of things. But one of our favorites is the Chicago Flag.

In a 2013, Chicago Magazine published a piece by Robert Loerzel asserting "Chicago’s Flag Is a Much Bigger Deal Than Any Other City’s Flag."

We concur.

He writes, "Chicago’s flag flies from front porches all over town. It’s seen on T-shirts—and in tattoos. Does the flag matter so much (or look so good) in any other American city?"

We don't think so.

In the United States, I’d have to rate Chicago far and away #1 in the use of official civic symbols (maybe the best in the world for all I know), and also note the overall high level of design quality of these objects … If you come to Chicago, you’ll notice that the city flag is ubiquitous.

Aaron M. Renn, Urbanophile

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