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Corkcicle Keeps it HOT, WARM, COOL and COLD

Corkcicle Keeps it HOT, WARM, COOL and COLD

We started carrying the original Corkcicle Wine Stopper when they were introduced in 2010. A portmanteau of cork and icecicle, the Corkcicle in-bottle wine chiller was an ingenious invention that you inserted it in a bottle of white wine, keeping the bottle cold for hours without a messy ice bucker or continuous refrigeration.

Corkcicle followed with the Whiskey Wedge, a glass with a silicone ice mold that kept spirits cold without getting watered-down.


Now, 9 years later, what started out as a company with one really clever product, has evolved into a stylish high-quality brand of a variety of reusable drinkware items–including tumblers, canteens, and champagne flutes.

Corkcicle's new styles and colors for 2019 feature bold colors and design-forward collaborations with prints from Poketo and Rifle Paper Co., nautical regatta stripes, retro-inspired neon colors, and the best-selling Unicorn Magic glittery designs.

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