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Whoops . . . I'm Awesome: A Workbook With Activities, Art, And Stories For Embracing Your Wonderfully Awesome Self

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From famed comedian, artist, and singer Melissa Villaseñor comes this colorful and unique journal for helping anyone embrace their unique, beautiful, awesome self.

From comedian Melissa Villaseñor of Saturday Night Live, this self-help workbook filled with her original art, laugh-out-loud stories, and heartfelt reflections will help you embrace the silliness inside of you. Color in- or outside the lines, spend a moment finding your way through a snail-themed maze, make a list of your favorite childhood snacks—be as goofy as you wanna be! Because you're awesome.

This bright and colorful journal will be a must-have for all of Melissa Villaseñor's fans, as well as anyone who appreciates honest and irreverent self-help. Whether you're looking for healing, reflection, meditation, or creativity, this journal is here for the journey.

Known for her offbeat sense of humor as well as her honest vulnerability that feels incredibly relatable, Melissa Villaseñor has channeled her unique voice into one-of-a-kind journal that fans will love.

This colorful journal is filled with tons of interactive activities, with lots of space to draw, reflect, and explore, encouraging readers to dive deep and embrace their true selves—including space for writing a letter to someone who brightens your day, taking a Do You Need a Nap quiz (spoiler alert: you do), and more.

Throughout these bright and colorful pages, the author peppers in both humorous and incredibly vulnerable personal stories that illuminate her own journey towards self-acceptance.