What The Actual Factual Game


Get ready for a hilarious night in with your friends and family with What the Actual Factual, the brilliant new party game where the fake answers win!

Can you come up with an answer that's more convincing than the truth? Put your detective skills to the test as you try to suss out who is bluffing…

Read the first part of the fact card aloud (the answer remains hidden). - All players receive an answer card - only one random player has the actual fact while everyone else has to think on their feet and make up a convincing fake fact - Everyone takes turns to read their “facts” aloud - Players place their voting tokens next to the person who they believe has the actual fact - The actual fact is revealed. Players who voted for the correct answer win 1 point each. Players win 1 point for each vote their fake answer receives. First to 20 points wins the game!