Shelly Measuring Cups And Spoons Set


Meet Shelly, the Snail-shaped Measuring Cups and Spoons Set!

Shell-ebrate in the kitchen with OTOTO's Shelly, the 2-in-1 measuring cups and spoons set! With Shelly by your side, you can measure with precision, turning every recipe into a delightful treat! With shell-proof durability, these snail cups are ready for any kitchen quest! They're perfect for cooking and baking lovers. These measure cups and spoons set stack up perfectly to save space and add charm to your kitchen. It's sure to bring joy and order to your culinary kingdom. This fantastic set offers convenient dual-sided measurements for dry and liquid ingredients. No more searching for multiple measuring spoons or a measuring cup – now you can cook precisely with ease!

Dishwasher Safe.
Space-Saving Stackability.
Food grade material.
BPA free.