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Share The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross Postcard Set


Happy trees, almighty mountains, clouds floating in blue skies—share Bob Ross’s joy of painting with collectible postcards featuring thirty-two of the beloved art teacher’s serene masterpieces.

Choose the perfect calming vista, from dramatic mountains to serene lakes, refreshing woodland streams to peaceful seascapes—all, of course, with happy little clouds. Each of the thirty-two detachable postcards includes a Bob Ross masterpiece and words of wisdom to make the day of any of his legions of fans.

As Ross said while painting one of his most beloved paintings, A Spectacular View, “You can put any dream here that you can conceive.” The postcards are a selection of his most popular artworks, from seasonal landscapes to cozy cottages and awe-inspiring mountains. The back of each postcard includes the painting’s title and an inspiring quote from the episode of his television series in which the painting was created, as well as the season and episode number so fans can find that particular show and watch how Ross created the artwork—and there is plenty of room for an address and a personal note to a friend or loved one.

Bob Ross often said that the true joy of painting is when you share it with other people. Share the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross gives us a multitude of ways to share joy, send joyful notes, convey best wishes, or offer a “Happy painting, my friend.”