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Search For A Giant Squid Book

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A new and exciting pick-your-path STEM adventure for emerging readers!

This series starter takes emerging readers on an expedition to the ocean’s twilight zone in search of a giant squid. But giant squids are hard to find. Readers will need to join the expedition and help make choices along the way.

First they'll pick their submersible. And then their pilot and dive site. They'll need to be careful—not every path leads where it seems, but whatever path they pick, they’ll see and learn amazing things!

This introduction to the career of marine zoologist, and the other members of a deep-sea expedition, lets readers dip their toes into being a teuthologist—a scientist who studies cephalopods such as octopus and squid.

Each possible path leads to a different outcome, so readers learn new facts about scientific expeditions and marine life as they explore the deep seas in search of the elusive giant squid.

The bright, graphic-paneled imagery will entice kids drawn to comic books, while also making the abundance of information accessible even for the most reluctant reader.

Teaches not just about giant squid, but about the many people needed to undertake a scientific expedition.

Research shows children need to "see it to be it." The images in the book showcase a broader range of inclusivity than many STEM titles.

Watch for the next choose-your-own-path book, all about mushrooms and mycology: the study of fungi!

Recommended for ages 6-9 yrs.
96 pages.