Reusable Tote Bag - Artist Collection


Tote bags are reusable, water-resistant, washable.

Each comes folded in a matching zipper bag.

20" x 16.5".
Handles are 10.6".
Holds up to 44 lbs.
Weighs only 1.94oz.

About the artists and bags:

Ada Nangala Dixon - Water Dreaming Red

Ada Nangala Dixon was born in 1952 at Mount Doreen, a cattle breeding station 55 km west of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory of Australia. Painting is a family tradition. Ada's father is Pegleg Jampijinpa, a Pintupi artist. Her mother is Margaret Napangardi Brown, a Warlukurlangu artist with her sister Joy Nangala Brown. The land, the plants and the animals are depicted on the recycled tote bag. 

Antonio Rodrigues - Yes

Flourishing with fearless florals. Going for graceful greens. Say YES to the power of words and letters with the Antonio Rodrigues Yes tote bag. Let this artist tote bag be your favorite tour guide into the wonderful world of rushing rhythms, significant structures and paper cuts.

Antonio Rodrigues is a Brazil-born designer, illustrator and lettering lover. Antonio's style combines bold shapes and positive empowering messages. The list of friends he worked with includes Adidas, Puma, The Rolling Stone Magazine. Welcome to the wonderful world of imagination.

Brosmind - Slasher the Slice 
Slasher the Slice has a big mouth and fiercely unstoppable appetite for anything with melted cheese on it.

Brosmind is a creative power duo and multidisciplinary studio founded in Barcelona in 2007 by Juan and Alejandro Mingarro. They are brothers, friends, enemies, illustrators, artists, amateur tech designers, video enthusiasts, and occasional musicians. Having worked together since childhood, Brosmind is known for their playful sense of humor and unflinching attention to detail.


CĂ©leste Wallaert - Joyful & Free
A dance. A glance. A magical chance. CĂ©leste Wallaert and her lovable ladies take us on a journey full of musical movements, crazy confettis and shining space shapes. Feel the rhythm and dance towards the stars with the CĂ©leste Wallaert Joyful and Free tote bag.

Meet CĂ©leste Wallaert, a designer based in Paris, working in the colorful and feminine graphic universe of symmetrical asymmetrical shapes and powerful personalities.

Craig & Karl - Don't Look Now
Craig & Karl are a duo working across design, illustration, animation and installation. They collaborate daily, from their respective bases in New York and London, creating bold, playful, multi-disciplinary work rooted in an evolving exploration of color, pattern, shape and texture.

Daniel RamĂ­rez PĂ©rez - Lucky Lemons
When life gives you lemons, this recycled tote bag offers enough space and the right attitude to deal with them all. Just allow it to infuse you with good vibes while keeping all your items together - easy, peasy, lemon squeezy style.

The creator of those Lucky Lemons is Daniel Ramirez Perez, an illustrator and creative director from Berlin who applies his versatile yet recognizable design style to any project, including advertising, branding and motion. His international clients include Lufthansa, Sony, Sephora and Condé Nast.

Jennifer Napaljarri Lewis - Water Dreaming Pink
Born in 1962 in Areyonga, an Aboriginal community situated in a valley in the Macdonnell Ranges, 220 km southwest of Alice Springs, in Australia's Northern Territory. Napaljarri Lewis belongs to the Pitjantjatjara people and her traditional homeland is Mutitjula, at the eastern end of Uluru. Its unrestrained palette, with traditional motifs, depicts its traditional Jukurrpa stories on the recycled tote bag.

Mark Conlan
Ladies and Vases
Women and plants. Tranquility and fantasy. Mark's artwork is reminiscent of Greek style vases. Clean lines in contrasting blue and pink are the magic of this recycled bag.

Looking Up
What does blue do for you? Sky and seas. The serenity of blue. The purity of white. This blue and white artwork on this recycled bag draws us into an idyllic land where people and nature live in harmony with each other.

Mark Conlan is an Irish artist based in Melbourne with his little dog, Pickle. His characteristic whimsical style is both unique and playful, accentuated by his bold use of colour in limited palettes.

Owen Gildersleeve - Hello
Hello! Gorgeously graphic greetings from Owen Gildersleeve in his distinctive multi-layered style, using a selection of handcrafted paper cut layers.The recycled Hello tote bag makes you the friendliest communicating commuter on the block. Owen Gildersleeve is a multi-award winning UK artist. Intricate paper illustrations and animations. Large-scale set design. Window displays and installations. You name it, Owen is the handcraft specialist with a unique style honed over the past 10 years. He brings graphic designs to life for Apple, Google, The New York Times and NASA.

Pomme Chan - Thai Floral
A vibrant floral pattern illustration arranged with typical Thai flowers make this recycled tote bag fresh and colourful. Pomme Chan is an illustrator whose eclectic style gets its inspiration from every day life. Florals, fauna, fashion, and the female form play a big part in her works which span worldwide advertising campaigns, package design, textile patterns, and home decor. Pomme's studio practice is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Smiley - Geometric

Experimental angles. Bold hues. Kaleidoscope looks. Make an impact as you sashay away with the Geometric recycled tote bag. © Smiley Smile at the original icon of pure happiness. Smiley has been spreading positivity since 1972 and the icon has become an integral part of popular culture, worn by trendsetters around the world. 

Steven Wilson - Love & Hope

The Love and Hope typographic recycled bag was created using one of Wilson's bespoke alphabets during the recent lockdowns as a positive message to everyone. Steven Wilson lives and works in Brighton and can often be found foraging through the local flea markets for obscure books and discarded paraphernalia to use as inspiration. Circus posters, Victorian postcards, and analogue print processes are amongst the many themes he cites as reference for his varied and experimental work which he generalizes as ‘somewhere between pop and psychedelia’.

Yuval Haker - Lippy Lips

A pair of lips, blissfully perched upon a cloud, daydreaming, legs swinging to and fro. This illustration is a single frame from a cheeky little animated loop which can be found on the artist’s website... and now on our recycled tote bag. Yuval Haker is an animation director and illustrator originally from Israel, currently based in New York. His work is colorful, funny and often surreal. He’s worked Netflix’s Explained and The Headspace Guide to Meditation, as well as the YouTube Originals documentary World Debut produced for the Olympics. Commercial clients include Spotify, Sharpie, Vox and Intuit.