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Rap Battles Card Game


Mad Libs meets Method Man, Missy Elliot, and more with this hilarious word game to test rhyme skills, pun abilities and quick wits. It’s the perfect gift for all hip-hop fans, aspiring MCs and street poets.

Channel your inner MC with this quick-fire word game designed to test your rhyme skills against family and friends, settling once and for all who is the greatest rapper.

Fast, furious, hilariously funny, and endlessly playable, Rap Battles is the essential card game for any aspiring MCs, wordsmiths and hip-hop fans, playable with up to 6 individuals or groups. The challenge: to come up with that killer burn, pun or rhyme to leave your opponent without a come back, in stitches, or both.

Rap Battles
The Hip-Hop Rhyming Word Game for Wannabe MCs
By Chris Turner
5.38"W x 6.94"H x 1.35"D.
32 Pages