Grandpa Joe's Candy

Push Pop Pop-Its Gummy Candy


Push Pop Pop-Its is the ultimate gummy candy with a unique, portable, and fun push up dispenser.

Kids can simply unseal the container, pop open the top and push up the container to reveal the delicious gummy candies that are in a clear case, then push down to dispense one gummy candy bite at a time. 

It’s a fun way for kids to enjoy eating this deliciously sweet, light, and airy gummy cone-shaped candy with a light sprinkle of sugar that is adored by kids and adults alike. 

Each container has an assortment of delicious, soft, and airy cone-shaped gummies that come in 4 classic mouthwatering flavors - Strawberry, Watermelon, Berry Blast, and Blue Raspberry, with a sprinkle of sugar. 

Not for children 3 and under.