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She Wants It Book

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When Jill Soloway’s parent came out as transgender, Jill pushed through Hollywood’s male-dominated landscape to create the groundbreaking, award-winning Amazon TV series Transparent. Exploring identity, love, sexuality, and boundaries through the dynamics of a complicated and profoundly resonant American family, Transparent gave birth to a new cultural consciousness.

While working on the show and exploding mainstream ideas about gender, Jill also began to erase the lines on their own map, coming out as queer and nonbinary. Jill couldn’t have imagined the powerful social reckoning that would awaken with the rise of the #metoo movement, much less how it would impact Transparent as its lead actor was publicly accused of sexual harassment by members of the cast.

Now in Jill Soloway’s debut memoir, SHE WANTS IT: DESIRE, POWER AND TOPPLING THE PATRIARCHY, they detail an emotional and professional journey of personal transformation set against the profound cultural upheaval and shifting power dynamics that continue to shape our collective worldview.

By Jill Soloway.
From Crown Archetype.