Penguin Random House

90’s Magnets


These wicked magnets are a throwback to iconic characters, celebrities, technology and ephemera of the 90s.

Niki Fisher’s bold illustrations feature 90s tech like Nokia phones, Nintendo 64, Tamagotchi, Discman and CD-ROMs. Plus personalities like Oprah, The Fresh Prince, Princess Diana, Madonna, The Spice Girls and Britney Spears, as well as the classic film and TV of the 90s: Dawson’s Creek, Jurassic Park, Pretty Woman, Home Alone, Mrs Doubtfire, Pulp Fiction and more!

Includes 20+ magnets.

Illustrated by Niki Fisher. Fisher, a graphic designer living in the skiing hub of Jindabyne, Australia. Her illustrations have appeared in Monocle Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Lonely Planet guides, and elsewhere.