The Calm Joy Candle Co

Plant Mama - Wildflowers and Sea Air Scented Jar Candle


The sweet, delicate aroma of jasmine is complemented by the refreshing scent of sea salt, while the zesty lemon adds a bright, uplifting note. The earthy, herbal notes of rosemary balance out the sweet and citrusy scents, while the floral undertones of geranium bring a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The slow-burning nature of coconut wax allows these candles to produce a more consistent and even burn giving candle jars an approximate 65 hour burn time.

Clean burning and creamy, these coconut-based wax candles offer a beautiful burn with minimal soot. Coconut wax is highly renewable and environmentally friendly.

Approximately 3” x 3” x 4".
Coconut wax with wooden wick.
Burn time is approximately 65 hours.
Made in the USA.

Also available in 4oz. TIN.