Dune Terracotta Candles - 8oz

$27.16 $31.95

Showcase natural notes and balanced designs with this element-inspired candle collection.

Incorporate organic style into your space with Paddywax Dune scented candles featuring ceramic details, landscape motifs, and burnished cork lids.

Reuse this candle jar as a catchall for small items that need a sturdy lid or grow new life by using this candle vessel as a planter.

Cork lid with burnished symbol.
Reuse this jar as a catchall or earthly planter.

  • Cactus Flower & Aloe - orange ceramic vessel with sun design and cork lid
  • Eucalyptus Santal - blue ceramic vessel with mountain design and cork lid
  • Saltwater Suede - blue ceramic vessel with ocean design and a cork lid
  • Wildflowers & Birch - pink ceramic vessel with moon design and a cork lid

3.35" x 3.35" x 3.75".