Nessie Spoon Ladle - Turquoise


Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes nessie!

Diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use, a legendary time in the kitchen is guaranteed with our novelty ladle spoon. A 'nessie'-ssary tool- get kraken with fun kitchen gadgets like nessie, your soup ladle friend. This beast can take the heat with its heat-resistant and dishwasher safe material. Perfect for all kinds of scooping, this kitchen tool is a must-have! Always on standby- nessie is always up and ready to use! Have nessie by your side while you cook and serve your meals.

OTOTO's kitchen tools and gadgets are best sellers for a reason. A big fan of animal-shaped utensils? You and nessie are meant to be. A sprinkle of fun- ever heard of the one where they lived happily ever after? Well, that's always the story with ototo's products. Their team strives to create home products with a quirky twist. Their cute products are here to stop the bore in doing chores!