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Seek Peace - Mindful Meditation Kit

$38.21 $44.95

Curated and thoughtful, this self-care focused gift set offers a botanical take on traditional gift giving.

Each kit is outfitted with a grow kit paired with various accessories. Includes: Lavender Grow Kit in Self-Watering Bamboo Planter, Lavender Seeds, 5-Minute Hourglass Timer, Centering Essential Oil Roller with Notes of Lavender and Cardamon.

Lavender Grow Kit + Seeds: Find inner peace by bringing the outdoors in. Includes a self-watering system outfitted in a bamboo planter, non-GMO lavender seeds, soilless grow medium, tray, wick, carbon, plant food and instructions for growing.

Mindfulness Timer: Designed to help you keep time while you're losing track of it. This simple tool provides five digital-free minutes for your mindfulness modality of choice. Take five for breathwork, gratitude journaling or a quick mantra meditation.

Centering Essential Oil (.35 fl oz): This grounding blend features a soft, soothing scent with notes of lavender and cardamom.

Made in United States of America.