Modern Sprout

Hatch & Grow Seed Ball Kit


The perfect addition to any Easter basket, these eco-friendly eggs are packed with 4 colorful seed balls to kick off your Spring planting!

The eggs are molded from recycled paper and all packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

Choose from: Wildflower, Herbs, Wellness and Spring Veggie

Each kit includes paper pulp egg, organic and/or non-GMO seed balls, and instructions.
Made in United States of America.

Wildflower: includes a non-invasive wildflower seed assortment of Lavender Hyssop, Black-Eyed Susan, Callistephus Duchesse, Mixed Aster, Wild Bergamot. This curated seed collection yields beautiful blooms and provides a habitat for vitally important pollinators.

Fresh Herbs: includes Mint Basil and Parsley - a selection of easy to use and versatile herbs for cooking.

Wellness: includes Sage, Lavender and Echinacea seeds – a selection of medicinal herbs known for their healing properties.

Spring Veggie: includes a Lettuce blend, Carrots and Turnips. This seed collection will get you started on a bountiful summer garden.