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Mindfulness Card For The Family Deck


Simple Practices for Connection, Joy, and Play.

This easy-to-use mindfulness deck offers families simple ways to reconnect and spend joyful time together.

From the author of the bestselling Mindfulness Cards, this deck of 50+ simple exercises makes it easy to practice mindfulness with the whole family. Organized into color-coded categories, the cards feature short prompts to bring family members together through practices designed to encourage connection, gratitude, calm, and more.

Families can select cards as an after-dinner ritual, pull several to enhance a road trip or family adventure, or choose one in a moment that requires calm. Brimming with bite-sized wisdom and engaging activities, this deck is the perfect activity for families to share in together.

Created with families, and their unique need for connection, in mind, this deck extends the popular series, offering easy ways to incorporate mindful habits into family time and daily life.

The bite-sized, entry-level content makes it easy for parents and caregivers to incorporate mindful moments into life with kids of all ages, providing simple ways to achieve balance and well-being at home or on the go.

With an eye-catching, soothing design and a portable size, this beautiful boxed card set makes it easy to experience moments of calm and positivity wherever you are and is a lovely self-purchase or gift for anyone who wants to encourage calm, connection, and joy with their family.

66 pages.
4.02" x 6.1" x 1.61".