Homebody Candle Co

Milk Soap Bars


Lather, rinse, repeat!

These ultra-moisturizing milk bar soaps are made with coconut oil, coconut milk made from the "meat" of the coconut with skin beneficial clays.

Each bar is approximately 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.3".
Clays fade over time, keep out of direct and harsh sunlight.

Other ingredients include sorbitol, non-GMO, sustainable coconut oil, propylene glycol, stearic acid, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, coconut milk, titanium dioxide and different beneficial clays. 
Made in United States of America.

Agave + Earth is earthy, lush + botanical, like wet earth after a warm spring rain.

Notes of: sweet agave • watery aloe • chrysanthemum • greenery • fresh earth • patchouli.

Amber + Ash is warm, woodsy + sweet, nights spent in front of a warm fire.
Notes of: ozone • citrus • sandalwood • benzoin • amber • musk • cedar • powder.

Aurora Borealis is bright, enchanting + magical, like a starlit night spent under the stars.
Notes of: tropical fruit • sugared orange • lemon • lime • mountain greens • sandalwood.

Driftwood + Sage is mineral, woody + fresh. Reminiscent of days spent on the ocean shores of the west coast.
Notes of: lemon • ambrette seed • sea salt • ozone • mineral water • sage.

Moonlit Bonfire 

is the ultimate cozy, curl up with a blanket kind of scent + it's also the only seasonal scent that repeats every year! It's a year-round requested scent, made up of sweet, marshmallow-y bonfire embers + vanilla.
Notes of: vanilla • almond • caramel • coriander • ginger • bay leaf • clove • cinnamon • leather • amber • tonka • woods • cashmere.

Palo Santo will calm your nerves, calm your mind and help ground you throughout the day. Slightly ember-reminiscent, slightly sweet, yet earthy + calming.  
Notes of: palo santo • warm amber • soft musk.

Sunday Morning is everything you could want for those slow, quiet mornings that you wish would last forever. Cozy, warm + sweet, just like Sunday mornings should be.
Notes of: sweet orange • peach • coconut • sandalwood • tonka bean.