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Marvel Mazes

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By the author of Star Wars Mazes, an exciting, new, all-ages, interactive activity book of mazes with findable elements taking readers into the pages of new and classic Marvel comics adventures.

Explore exciting iconic locations and scenes with your favorite comics characters in this interactive, all-ages book of mighty Marvel mazes. Accomplish missions and locate key objects along the way while discovering the mysteries of Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Wakanda, Asgard, and Doctor Doom's Castle. Follow the Guardians of the Galaxy to Knowhere, help the Avengers fight the Skrulls aboard their flagship, face fearsome Sentinels with the X-Men in Days of Future Past timeline, and more! Brought to life by expert maze creator Sean C. Jackson, each full-color maze is a playful visual delight for Marvel fans everywhere.

Each of the dozens of unique mazes comes with its own mission to help Marvel heroes by finishing the maze.

In addition to the maze itself, each includes other game activities of elements to find.

The gorgeously detailed full-color mazes may be solved by pen or pencil, but using a non-writing item to follow the paths leaves the book ready to replay. Even the illustrator himself says he later forgets solutions to the mazes he's drawn!

Including relatively simple and more expert mazes, Marvel fans of many ages can enjoy the book together.

Bonus mazes featured on the front and inside covers!

64 pages.
10" x 10".