Aged & Infused

Lazy Afternoon Alcohol Infusion Kit


It’s 5pm and you’ve got a whole lotta nothing planned—thank god.

It’s time to turn off your notifications, grab your latest binge read, and make yourself a delicious cocktail infused with juicy and sweet blackberries, tart and bright lemons, and garden-fresh basil. 

All-natural fruits and spices so you can skip the artificial ingredients and enjoy booze the way it should be enjoyed  When you’ve got a great bottle of booze, don’t bury it. These kits complement and enhance whatever’s on your bar cart. Nothing tops a well-made drink at-home, with your people, for your people. You call the happy hour and Aged & Infused will take care of the rest.

Ingredients: Dehydrated blackberry, dehydrated lemon, dried basil.
Recommended Spirits: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey.

Each Aged & Infused kit includes everything you need to infuse and create amazing mixologist-style cocktails at home. Signature kit includes a 16 oz. glass jar with custom filtering pour spout, pre-measured ingredients, infusion instructions and cocktail recipes

And you can eat the the fruit after the infusion— better than vodka-soaked gummy bears!

Approximately 9" x 2.8" x 2.8".