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Heart of Gold Book


As featured in Drew Barrymore's Best Valentine's Day Gift Picks for Your Girlfriends in People.

Positive change starts with you! This beautifully designed gift book encourages one to make socially conscious choices on a daily basis. 

Heart of Gold is filled with prompts to inspire one to provide for others, affect positive change, and open a heart of gold.

This charming book helps make the world a better place by inspiring simple daily acts of kindness and service, like "smiling at a stranger", "planting a tree or flowers in your community", or "taking a shelter dog for a walk". Gold heart stickers are included to mark completed good deeds.

Includes 150 gold heart stickers to mark finished good deeds.

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Please note: due to the delicate nature of the gold accents on the cover of this book, some imperfections are expected. 

By Robie Rogge and Dian G. Smith.
Cover design by Jessie Kaye.
Approximately 6" x 6".
144 pages.

Robie Rogge is a New York City-based packager who has created many successful guided journals and novelty products including the best-selling Do One Thing Every Day journal series.

Dian G. Smith is a freelance writer, public school teacher, and author whose books include Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You and Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy.