Pick Punch LLC

Guitar Pick Punch Tool


This is the Original! As featured in the Los Angeles Times Holiday Gift Guide.

Make your own guitar picks with the Guitar Pick Punch Tool!

What do you get when you cross recycling plastics like credit cards, photo id cards, bus passes, card keys, plastic lids, and stringed instruments like guitars? You get... the "Pick Punch". The Pick Punch is a hand-held, stapler sized tool that lets you punch out guitar picks from just about anything.

The Pick Punch is a great gift, it recycles and it has gadget appeal. Create hobby type projects like magnets and jewelry or make a little money selling picks. The Punch is perfect for destroying unwanted credit cards and it allows the more discriminating player to test materials that are not readily available.

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Makes 1 3/16" (30mm) tall by 1 1/16" (25.5mm) wide at top "standard" size guitar picks.