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F*ckity Plaid Illusion Tea Towel

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This dish towel is a masterpiece of stealth and wit—on the surface, it’s a chic, patterned kitchen essential, but up close, it’s a laugh riot with "Fuck Fuckity Fuck" slyly masquerading as stripes.

Who knew cleaning could be so clever? It's not just about looks; this towel’s next-level absorbency means it can tackle a spill faster than you can curse at it. And it’s so soft and non-abrasive, your dishes might just thank you—if they could. With each wash, it fluffs up like a comedy act, ready for an encore. They're the unique, kitsch pick-me-up every kitchen craves.

16” x 24”.
Designed and Printed in the USA.
Single Sided Print.
Machine wash.

Slight color variations may occur.