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First Words Board Book

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Teach your infant or toddler first words in an engaging and adorable way using the handmade quilt blocks in this durable board book!

Whether you're a crafter who already appreciates the art of quilting, or simply a parent looking for a unique and engaging first words book, First Words with Cute Quilted Friends will provide you and your child with plenty of enjoyment as they learn first words with these one-of-a-kind photos. Designed by bestselling author of Urban Quilting, Wendy Chow, this book features cute, brightly colored pictures that your child will love looking at for hours, a compact size that's the perfect size for your child's small hands, and a sturdy padded cover that won't dissolve in their mouths.

This book includes words and cute pictures in categories such as, animals (dog, cat, fish, etc.), clothing (socks, shoes, hat, etc.), Food/Drinks (ice cream, apple, carrot, etc.), outdoors and Nature (sun, flower, tree, etc.), transportation (car, train, boat, etc.), things (umbrella, pencil, balloon, etc.).

Recommended for ages 0-3 years.
16 pages.