Field Notes Brand

Field Notes - Streetscapes Sketch Books 2-Packs - Spring 2023 Quarterly Edition


Field Notes 58th Quarterly Edition: “Streetscapes” revolves around urban architecture and the juxtaposition of new and old styles in large American cities in a proper Sketch Books with top-quality body paper.

Featuring the artwork of Steve McDonald, and inspired by his series of best-selling adult coloring books depicting real-life and imaginary city scenes. Featuring four attractive American cities Chicago/Lost Angeles and New York/Miami.

Four exquisite “coloring book” architectural illustrations wrap around the front and back covers of these 4 3/4" × 7 1/2" Sketch Books. There are two 2-Packs in the series, one features Los Angeles and Chicago, and the other includes New York and Miami. On the inside covers, you’ll find fun facts about each city, and inspiration for your drawings.

Bound inside by three black staples, you’ll find 48 plain pages of Mohawk Superfine “Ultra White” 70#T, a premium paper that’s ideal for sketching and artwork using a variety of media.

2 packs each.
48 blank pages.
4.75" x 7.5".