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Feelings Deck For Kids - 30 Activities For Handling Big Emotions


A playful card deck that teaches kids ages 5–9 to name and feel emotions in their bodies, with 30 activities to regulate emotions and teach body awareness.

Lots of kids might say they feel “good” or “bad” but miss all the other emotions in between. For children to best recognize feelings in themselves and others, they first need to have words for those feelings.

Featuring a range of 30 different emotions, from angry and sad to grateful and proud, as well as a meditation or mindful activity for each, kids can use these interactive cards to develop their emotional intelligence and gain self-acceptance. They'll find ways to better understand feelings, build self-compassion, and share their emotional experiences—all in a fun, interactive way.

Written by Seth Shugar, Julie Kavanagh.
Illustrated by Erika Lynne Jones.
30 pages.
Age 4-8 years.