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Emotional Barometer Deck


It can be hard to tell other people how we really feel—sometimes it’s hard for us to even identify our own moods.

This is a tool to help you overcome your vagueness: cards that offer definitions of twenty moods that we can all recognize but that can be hard to pin down and explain. Here are descriptions of - among many other things - the sense of feeling weepy, nostalgic, anxious, and dreamy. These cards help you reach a clearer understanding of your inner emotional weather. They can also be passed on to friends and colleagues (or simply displayed on your desk) so that the world can better know what's going on inside all of us, without our needing to explain too much.

Also includes a fun, spinnable (and colorful) mood barometer.

20 pages.
Approximately 6.2" x 4.6" x 0.8".
Recommended for ages 8+.