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Emo Poetry Generator Book

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This flip book-style emo poetry generator is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a little early-to-mid-2000s nostalgia to soothe their deep, dark soul.

Chock-full of playfully melancholic and angsty phrases reminiscent of emo internet poetry from the early millennium, this volume invites you to simply flip and match different sections to yield over 150,000 unique three-line poems.

The Emo Poetry Generator is the perfect birthday or holiday gift for millennials who lived through the original Emo era, as well as the Gen Z'ers who are bringing it back.

Separated into three sections, each with 52 phrases, that can be easily flipped around on the book’s spiral binding. Select the three phrases that speak to you, and reveal a perfectly angsty three-line poem to match your mood.

114 pages.
5.1" x 1.05" x 6.3".