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El Rosa El Azul Y Tu Book


A brave illustrated album in which the international Elise Gravel poses questions about gender identity adapted to the little ones.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all be who we are without our gender being taken into account?

Are skateboards only for boys? And the dinosaurs too? Can only girls take care of babies? Can women only marry men?

There are many questions about gender identity that we often take for granted. But who made these rules? Is it really necessary to follow them? This illustrated album tries to teach the little ones that another world is possible: one in which we are all on equal terms and are loved and respected, no matter who we are, how we are or how we feel.

Simple, accessible, and direct, this picture book is perfect for kids and parents or teachers to read together, opening the door to conversations about gender stereotypes and everyone's right to be their true selves.
Is it okay for boys to cry? Can girls be strong? Should girls and boys be given different toys to play with and different clothes to wear? Should we all feel free to love whoever we choose to love? In this incredibly kid-friendly and easy-to-grasp picture book, author-illustrator Elise Gravel raises these questions and others relating to gender roles, acceptance, and stereotyping.

40 pages.
Recommended for ages 4-8.
Approximately 7.87" x 0.35" x 10.04".