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Continuous Greetings A Card for You and Mom


This is a card between you and Mom to treasure forever!

Designed to be exchanged again and again, this continuous card is like dozens of greeting cards in one. Inside the sweet hardcover portfolio are two accordion-folded cards to fill out with messages over time. To begin, just fill in the date and write your message to Mom for any occasion: Mother's Day, birthdays, holidays, or just because. Then it's her turn to write back at a special moment of her choosing! As you each fill the card, you'll be able to see all your messages in one place, creating one shared story of your relationship that grows with you—and a keepsake that you'll cherish forever.

A PRICELESS TIME CAPSULE: As a collection of messages exchanged between you and Mom, this card becomes a time capsule of your relationship. You'll both be able to look back on your handwritten notes commemorating milestone events and the meaningful memories you've shared over the years—all in one place. It's like a shoebox full of letters and greeting cards but collected in one sweet, organized archive.

A SPECIAL WAY TO BOND: This card is as simple to fill out as any greeting card but incredibly special to receive as a memory keeper you'll each continue to share for years.

PERSONALIZED GIFT FOR MOM: Presented in a beautifully designed hardcover portfolio, this keepsake is an extra-special gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion. No additional present required!

REDUCE AND REUSE: This product was created with sustainability at its heart. Instead of purchasing disposable cards every year, give the one card that's a keepsake no one will ever want to toss.

Perfect for:
Stationery lovers and people who collect handwritten notes
Preteens, teens, and adult kids looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for mom on Mother's Day or other special occasions
Moms seeking creative ways to bond with kids of any age
Family members separated by long distances
Fans of Letters to My MomJust Between Us, or the One Line a Day series

Format: Novelty
Pages: 1
Size: 4.125" x 5.875"