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Connect Deck


A card game to foster connection and closeness.

We tend to chat all the time with our partners, but often not about what really counts - the sort of topics that clear the air, that reintroduce a spirit of fun, that draw us together, that make us remember what is really special about being part of a couple. 

This is a pack of cards to foster connection and closeness, which can (strangely but truly) be generated almost on command by the right sort of conversations. Here are 100 questions that help couples to rekindle affection. They lead naturally to easy talks about what we are ready to forgive, what we deeply appreciate, what remains exciting and what is especially worth cherishing. This is a deceptively simple game with life-changing potential. The cards cover five categories: Appreciation, Aspiration, Desire, Forgiveness, and Growth.

100 pages.
Approximately 3.94" x 2.36" x 3.94".