Cirque Cement Candle - 12oz

$34.81 $40.95

Crique is Paddywax's playful word for these concreate vessels that quite literally encircle the candle, providing a uniquely elevated and modern aesthetic in both form and color.

Available in unique scents:

  • Tabacco Oud has top notes of lemon and lime. Middle notes of cedarwood, sandlewood and patchouli. Base note of musk. In a Charcoal cement vessel.
  • Peach & Patchouli has top notes of citrus, osmanthus, rose and boozy. Middle notes of floral, jasmine, white floral, peach, apricot, coconut. Base notes of sweet, woody, patchouli, vanilla. In a Dust Blush cement vessel.

Mix and match scents from the Cirque Collection to update your living space.
Concrete vessel.