Chronicle Books - Brass Monkey

A Big Deal Giant Playing Cards


Big cards, for even bigger winnings.

These giant (oversized is underselling it) cards by Brass Monkey come in a rigid paper wrapped box, perfect for display on a coffee table...when you aren't playing the world's largest game of solitaire. Includes 54 uniquely designed cards (that means jokers are included).

Each card measures 4.5" x 7".

Comes in a rigid, coffee-table-worthy box (with a pull-out matchbox style tray).
Includes 54 unique cards (including jokers), featuring a bold, vintage-inspired design aesthetic throughout.
Box measures 5.125" x 7.5" (and 1.75" deep if you're curious).
It's all about the little (well, big in this case) details. Everything has been oversized, even the sticker seal on the box.