Bernie Bunny Tongs


Meet bernie, the bunniest toaster tongs ever!

Made by design awarded OTOTO studio, bernie the bunny-shaped toaster tongs will hop in to serve your breakfast! Comfiest non-slip grip - don't ever stress about the mess with bernie! Made from non-slip and heat-resistant beech wood material, our mini tongs for appetizers and tost-grabbing offer an ergonomic and secure grip that can help you grab toast, cakes or fruit effortlessly! A hare that's easy to care for - live hoppily ever after with bernie, the happiest wooden toaster tongs in the land. This delicate pair of small tongs are easy to hand wash and store until you need them again!

Not dishwasher safe.

A sprinkle of fun - ever heard of the one where they lived happily ever after? That's always the story with ototo. Their cute products always feature a quirky twist to stop the bore of doing chores!