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Al Dente Singing Floating Pasta Timer


This mobster shaped musical timer will tell you when your pasta is “al dente”.

Just boil it with your pasta and once the noodles are perfect, Al Dente will sing for you. Put Al Dente in the boiling water together with the pasta and just wait for the right melody.

That's Amore - 3 min.
Godfather Theme - 7 min.
Tarantella Napoletana - 9 min.
Prisoners' Choir - 11min.

An integrated temperature sensor and a timer will start a melody generator in the small saucepan gangster. Once the pasta is al dente, Al Dente blares out fun songs from the saucepan.

A great gift for all gourmets.
Approximately 2.4″ x 3″ x 4.6″.
Made in Germany.