Aged & Infused

Alcohol Infusion Kit Refill Packs


Add your booze, wait three days, enjoy a whole new kind of drink!

These all-natural ingredient refill packs are designed to pour right back into a signature Aged & Infused kit.

  • Blue Sunday Ingredients: Dehydrated blueberries, dehydrated lemon, dried lavender.
  • Bundled Up Ingredients: Dehydrated persimmon, chai, and dried lemon.
  • Hello Sunshine Ingredients: Dehydrated blood oranges, dried chamomile, dehydrated lemon.
  • Home Sweet Home Ingredients: Dehydrated caramelized apples, dried molasses, cinnamon.
  • Island Time Ingredients: Dehydrated pineapples, cinnamon, red pepper flakes.
  • Just Peachy Ingredients: Dehydrated peach, dehydrated lemon, dried mint.
  • Lazy Afternoon Ingredients: Dehydrated blackberry, dehydrated lemon, dried basil.
  • Navel Gazer Ingredients: Dehydrated orange cinnamon, clove.
  • Night Owl Ingredients: Dehydrated bitter-infused oranges, espresso beans.
  • Out Of Office Ingredients: Dehydrated mango and dried hibiscus.
  • Parrot Head Ingredients: Dehydrated strawberry, dehydrated jalapeño, dehydrated lime.
  • Rose Ceremony Ingredients: Dried rose petals, dehydrated raspberry.
  • Ruby Red Ingredients: Dehydrated grapefruit, dehydrated lemon, dried rosemary.
  • Snowed In Ingredients: Dehydrated apples, candied ginger, cardamom.
  • Spike The Punch Ingredients: Dehydrated cranberry, dehydrated pear, dried rosemary.

Alcohol Infusion Kits from Aged & Infused also available.