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A Funny Thing Happened After School Book

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It's a race to do homework—in space! But first, there's a spaceship jam. Then there's the moon detour, the Mars alien exploration, and a stop on the gravity-defying International Space Station. And that's just the beginning!

Henry and Ali want to get their homework done—they really do! But how are they supposed to study the solar system when they seem to be swept up in an endless series of interstellar surprises? As the two main characters try to get their homework done, outer space surprises keep thwarting their attempts. The result? Amusing mayhem and hilarious surprises on every page.

Humorous illustrations and endless details for readers to discover result in a satisfying—and exciting—reading experience. An energetic pace, clever story, and ample humor make this book an engaging read.

44 pages.
8" x 6".
Recommended for ages 6 - 9 years.