Minva Tabletop Design Co

5E Player Campaign Journal


Introducing this "Record of Adventure 5e Campaign Journal for Dungeons and Dragons," a compact and durable companion tailored for avid role-players.

Featuring a coil-bound lay flat design and a soft touch lamination coating, this journal boasts 80 customized pages on high-quality 80lb paper for a seamless writing experience. Specifically crafted for one character, it includes essential sections like character sheets, spell pages, and campaign notes.

Pages include:

  • Character Sheet, Character Art.
  • Spell Sheets.
  • Item and Inventory.
  • Character Details/Backstory.
  • Companion Sheets.
  • Campaign Notes.
  • Session Notes.
  • NPC & Allies.
  • Major Location Notes.
  • Regular Location Notes.
  • Custom Blank Template Pages.
  • 19 Dot Grid Blank Pages.

5.5" x 8.5".
80+ customized pages, coil-bound lay flat design.
Soft touch laminated cover (front and back).
80lb paper inside, 100lb cover.