Mighty Wallet

Pride Wallet

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The original pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker had 8 stripes as a celebration of the diversity of the early gay rights movement and was first flown in 1978.

The modern version of the pride flag only has 6 stripes but the story of how that came to be is a curious twist of history. These flags were huge, over 30 feet long huge, and to get the material was a supply issue in the 70s so when they went to produce the 2nd flag they couldn't source the aqua color so it was removed leaving only 7 stripes. Later for a project lining the streets of San Francisco, the flag was further simplified to 6 stripes and this is the design that became known around the world.

Mighty wallet® is the original, invented in 2005, that launched a global trend of wallet designs made with tyvek®. Be original, be creative, be mighty! Tyvek® is made with thousands of interlocking plastic fibers that creates a thin material that is tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable. Made from a single sheet of tyvek®, the mighty wallet is a slim, folded, eco-friendly, and vegan wallet alternative to old-fashioned bulky wallets. The mighty wallet® has no animal byproducts is a long-lasting sustainable choice that is great looking too.

2 large pockets for cash and receipts.
2 credit card pockets that expand to hold lots of cards.
2 quick access business card pockets.
8" x 3.25" x .0125" when open (holds international currencies).