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Oscar Meyer Strawberry Gummy Balogna


Oscar Mayer Gummy Bologna brings an unexpected twist on the classic deli favorite that's sure to intrigue and delight candy lovers of all ages.

This unique treat infuses the playful form of bologna slices with the sweet, succulent taste of strawberry, creating a whimsical candy experience unlike any other. Perfect for those with a taste for the unusual or anyone looking to add an amusing touch to their candies, Oscar Mayer Gummy Bologna offers a playful way to enjoy bologna in a new and sweet context.

Whether you're crafting creative culinary delights, seeking a novel snack, or simply in the mood for something sweet and surprising, these strawberry-flavored gummy bologna slices are sure to bring a smile to your face and a burst of joy to your taste buds.

Oscar Mayer Bologna Gummy by Frankford Candy.
Strawberry flavored novelty gummy candy.
Life sized pieces, just like the real thing.Β