Grandpa Joe's Candy

Original Jubes Coconut Gel (Nata De Coco) Candy


Jubes Coconut Gel is a fibrous, cholesterol-free and delicious dessert.

Munching on these chewy, juicy cubes or mix it with cocktails and other desserts to create your own treats.

This Original flavored Jubes is for those who like a lightly flavored but tasty dessert. In a "ready to eat" package these are perfect for on the go grabs. 

Nata De Coco is a high fibre, low-calorie, preservative-free and cholesterol-free dessert in tasty, chewy translucent cubes, soaked in light and clear syrup!

Enjoy them chilled! 

Made in Indonesia.
Ingredients:  Corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, natural flavour, colour (contains tartrazine), mineral oil, carnauba wax.