Grandpa Joe's Candy

Hot Tamales Licorice Bites


Do you like the kick of cinnamon that comes with Hot Tamles? Now is you chance to try these cream-stuffed licorice bites that taste just like Hot Tamales!

Elevate your spicy snacking game with Hot Tamales Filled Bites! Experience your favorite cinnamon snack in a form that's as bold as its famously fierce flavor with the Hot Tamales Filled Bites. In the Hot Tamales tradition, the only thing NOT cinnamon flavored in this bag is the bag itself. The licorice exterior has been infused with cinnamon; take a bite and you’ll discover that the soft filling tastes like, you guessed it, even more cinnamon. But that's not to say the two parts of this combo are the same.

While the licorice delivers its intense taste in a deliciously chewy package, the filling bursts into your mouth all at once, coating your tastebuds and leaving you craving another one-two punch of tongue-tingling flavor. Features & specs Hot-Tamale-flavored licorice wrapped around Hot-Tamale-flavored filling.

Whether you're on the go or taking a break, these filled bites are your perfect fiery companion.