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Can I Remix You A Drink Game


Mega-superstar T-Pain presents the ultimate drinking game for anyone who enjoys pairing wild cocktail concoctions with a great time—featuring premium faux leather packaging and gold foil stamping.

Mix, remix, and drink boozy concoctions until your cards—and sobriety—are gone!

T-Pain first mastered the art of mixology with his cocktail book, Can I Mix You A Drink?. Now, he shares the Remix—the music-inspired drinking card game that’ll help you dial up the fun at your next party or hangout.

Each player is given 7 cards to start, with the objective of ending with 0 cards. Checkered throughout the 87-card deck are a series of directives that will have you blending various parts of a drink—from the base to the modifier—aptly named after musical themes as a nod to T-Pain’s extensive musical catalogue. Each player must mix, remix, and drink until their cards are gone!

Featuring premium packaging, hilarious instructions, and wild cards that’ll leave you tipsy and giggly, the Can I Remix You A Drink? is guaranteed to give you and your friends a great time.