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Timescape Cleopatra's Curse - An Escape Room Game


Agents of Timekeepers Incorporated, we need you!

In trying to uncover the location of Cleopatra’s tomb, we seem to have accidentally unleashed a monumental curse upon the world that is ripping the space-time continuum apart. Nothing is where it should be—one agent has sighted a caveman eating a hot dog in Times Square! You must travel back and break the curse to restore the timeline to its proper order.

Embark on a thrilling journey through Ancient Egypt in this captivating escape-room experience. Solve challenging puzzles, break centuries-old curses, and discover hidden treasures as you delve into the mysteries of Cleopatra’s tomb. Use your powers of logic, cunning, and courage to solve the puzzles and save the future. The fate of time itself rests in your hands.

Perfect for friends, families, puzzle solvers, and Escape Room fanatics, it's suitable for ages 12+, 1 or more players, and has an average 90-minute gameplay. Plus, unlike most escape puzzle games, Timescape: Cleopatra’s Curse is entirely reusable and re-giftable as the content is not damaged during play if erasable pencil is used for note-taking.

Printed using FSC paper and soy inks.
From Ridley's Games.