Transit Tees

Chicago 1893: The City Beautiful Tile Game


In Chicago 1893: The City Beautiful, you will compete with your rivals to help rebuild the city of Chicago in preparation or the World's Exposition in 1893!

Place Workers to build Neighborhoods, Rails, Parks, Boulevards and Monuments, and try to install your Alderman in the most influential Ward in the City. Whoever can build the most impressive modern amenities and conveniences for a vibrant city will bask in the glory of establishing Chicago as the model for "The City Beautiful!"

In October of 1871, the Great Chicago Fire burned a path nearly four miles long through the heart of the City. The destruction was extensive, but it created an opportunity to rebuild Chicago as a modern city. When Chicago was chosen as the location for The World's Columbian Exposition to be held there was a surge of effort to beautify the city and improve its infrastructure in anticipation of hosting travelers from all over the world.

Suitable for ages 14+.
2-6 players. 


  • 36 Painted and Screen Printed Worker Pawns.
  • 6 Painted and Screen Printed Alderman Pawns.
  • 91 Heavy Chipboard Tiles to Build the City.
  • 2 Screen Printed Drawstring Bags to Hold Tiles.
  • 9 City Monument Cards.
  • 1 Score Pad

Box measures approximately 5.9" x 9.8" x 3.5".
Designed by Transit Tees in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.