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Bin-go Get A Few Drinks Bingo Game


What's the best part of going out to the bar?

It's certainly not the overpriced drinks. It's people-watching, of course. So, why not make a game (or two) out of it? Inside this Bin-Go to a Dumb Meeting game book by Brass Monkey, you'll find 2 sets of 12 perforated bingo cards-one set for the bar and another for restaurants. Don't worry, they're already pre-filled with the common (yet ridiculous) things that always seem to happen-so just hand them out and start people-watching...competitively.

Includes 24 pre-filled (& perforated) bingo cards.
Features two distinct people-watching bingo games-one for bars and one for restaurants.
It's played just like real bingo: fill a row, column, or diagonal line to 'win'...relatively speaking, anyway.
Bonus: create your own personalized game with the 6 additional blank cards in the back.
Each soft-cover book measures 7 square inches.