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The Catalogue Of Hugs Book

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Author and dad-fluencer Joshua David Stein offers up an array of parent-and-child hugs, from the classic to the humorously questionable, each one cleverly titled and informatively illustrated.

For affectionate families everywhere comes this engaging reference volume featuring 25 kinds of hugs. From the more traditional to the all-out risky, this collection runs a creatively wide gamut of ways to embrace...and by doing so, brings comfort to the forefront of conversation. Every hug was field-tested by the author and his sons, and titled for practicality and kicks. The Quentin Blake-esque drawings are rendered with graceful accuracy and joy by artist Elizabeth Lilly. The pure physicality of being a child - or being a parent - is documented with wit and style for both to enjoy.

56 pages.
Recommended for ages 2-5 yrs.